Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Fifty United Plates


My dear friends Kaitlyn and Ryan are quite the creative duo and the talent behind the beautiful Corbe' Company.  They have launched their first Kickstarter project and I think they would make amazing wedding gifts! 

Working with fine porcelain they are crafting all 50 states into baking dishes.  Here's the story straight from their mouths:

"We are raising funds to take all 50 of these United States of America and re-create them in fine porcelain. They are made to scale with one another and fit seamlessly with their neighbor to form the entire nation. Their uses are plentiful; baking dish, serving tray, conversation piece, collecting tray, tapas plate, etc. They can act as stand alone state plates, pieced together as regions on your dinner table, or hand picked to be the places that mean the most to you. When we have them all finished we will throw the ultimate dinner party where a great dish from each state will join the spread to create The Fifty United Plates. We've saved you a seat."

Help them out and receive some beautiful goodies, including a state plate of your choice...and 2 more for those upcoming weddings!  I guarantee you'll want to move to an island and become a potter.  In fact I may need to come back and blog their island wedding last September ;)

Thanks for the comments on my last post, I was happy to see the blog is not dead yet ;)  


Kristin said...

yay! you're back! :) these are super cute!

A Crimson Kiss said...

What a clever idea–cornbread in a TX dish is ingenious!

Jess said...

Oh my gosh! These are fantastic! I must have a Texas one!

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